Welcome – come on in! This shiny new blog will help me (I hope!) keep in touch with all of you, and let you know about my new projects and their progress.

I’m a proud jam/jelly/mustard maker and my wares are available at catzia.etsy.com but that’s not all. I also repurpose found objects into unusually handy items you can’t live without. I glue, sew, crochet, and fashion in all sorts of mediums, and I never know what my next project will be until the inspiration strikes. I’ll be selling my quirky necessities online very soon, but I’m also available to discuss custom orders for anything you’ve always wanted but have just never been able to find.

On top of the made items, I’m also a crafter of words. A writer since I could hold a pencil, I have a long history in creative non-fiction as well as a number of years under my belt as a copyeditor. My day job doesn’t allow much opportunity to exercise these creative urges, so I’m always seeking freelance gigs to flex my verbal skills.

Please stay tuned for news on new projects and opportunities for you to partake of my goods and goodies!