Slices of Heaven

Citrus & spice: a classic pair

My Slices of Heaven are fantastic for cold sufferers, for tea lovers, and for anyone who just had a rough day. These goodies are made from organic Valencia oranges, honey, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Just add a slice or two and a spoonful of the syrup to a cup of hot water for a delish tea-like beverage that will warm your insides and bring a smile to your face.

At the end of a long hard day, or when the weather just isn’t cooperating, I like my Slices with a little instant ginger tea. They’re also a spectacular addition to Indian dishes or anywhere you might use preserved lemons. Add them atop a baked dessert for an edible garnish, or mix them into your iced tea. There are a thousand ways to incorporate a few Slices of Heaven into your day.