Let me start by mentioning that this isn’t an entry about my products. For a change, I thought I’d share a few of the products that keep me going throughout my workdays and weeks. I’ve had ginger on the brain lately, which is not uncommon for me, and I thought that’d be the perfect thing to share with you all on this cold, rainy Friday morning. So, here are a few of my favorite ginger-y things:

1. Organic Ginger Aid® tea from Traditional Medicinals.

gingeraidI adore ginger tea, especially with just a little bit of honey. This blend also contains lemon myrtle, so it has a natural sweetness already. The ginger is spicy and strong and not for the uninitiated. Since ginger naturally aids in digestion, this is a perfect pick-me-up for a sour stomach, when you’re feeling just a little bit “off,” or when you’ve overdone it at the buffet.

I enjoy this tea morning, noon and night. It also makes a really nice iced tea, when combined with an herbal berry blend. Consider other applications as well, such as baking with ginger tea instead of water (result: killer spice cake, baby!).

2. Original Ginger Chews from The Ginger People®

My first taste of an Original Ginger Chew happened a few years ago at the Seattle VegFest. On the way home, I stopped off and bought a whole package. These little bite-sized treats are a perfect sweet snack when you’re really craving something you can gnaw on. One “chew” is usually too much for me in one mouthful, so I tend to bite them in half and save a piece for later. They are sweet, super ginger-y, and surprisingly satisfying for just a few calories. (Two chews = 40 cals.) These ginger folks offer a whole line of fantastic ginger products and I’m looking forward to trying their Hot Coffee Ginger Chews soon!

3. Orange Ginger Nuun from Nuun


My latest ginger favorite is a new one. At the Portland PCTA Trail Fest last weekend, I picked up a sample of Orange Ginger Nuun (pronounced: noon). Part of their “active hydration” line, Orange Ginger Nuun is a sports drink tab that you dissolve in 16oz of water. The ginger in the final product is very mild. It’s the essence of ginger flavor without the spicy kick, which is a natural match for anything orange. It’s packed with electrolytes, it’s sweet without being overbearing, and it’s earth-friendly. One plastic tube makes 12 drinks, effectively saving 12 plastic bottles (if you were previously buying pre-bottled sports drinks).

So, there you have it, my all-time Top 3 favorite ginger items. Well, as of right now. Ask me next week, and it’s likely I’ll have picked up a new ginger favorite or two!