Amazing photographer Sarah McTernen blessed my with blog with the “One Lovely Blog Award,” which is a fantastic and organic method of recognizing interesting blogs and sharing them with the world. Sarah is based here in the Tacoma, WA, area and she creates art that is both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating. Oh yes, I’m a fan.

The “One Lovely Blog” challenge is to identify 15 other blogs to share. My Google Reader is chok full of blogs that I follow on a regular basis, so I didn’t think it would be very difficult to choose which ones to pass this award on to. Unfortunately, it proved more challenging than I anticipated. As it turns out, there are more than 50 blogs I ached to share with you, so paring it down to 15 took some time and consideration. These are the 15 I have chosen, in no particular order, and I look forward to sharing some of my other favorite blogs with you in the future.

Domestic Diva Ramblings
Gilding the Lily
Tahini Too
Craft Leftovers
The Inch of Difference
Sweeter Than Me
Vegan Crunk
Hey Lucy
Vegan Lunch Box
Tacoma Mama
Gluten Free, Soy Free Vegan
Kind Over Matter
FatFree Vegan Kitchen

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