CatMakes somethings from nothings. And she wants to share them with you.

She’s into recycling and upcycling and generally making new wonderful things using bits and scraps of things that might seem useless or worthless. Cat likes to focus on simplicity, and creates using green and recycled materials whenever possible.

For her jams and mustards, she uses organic and locally grown ingredients that help nourish the earth as well as your tummy. Her other offerings range from stationery to bath products to crocheted goods, and you can rest assured that everything is handmade from quality materials. You can get ahold of her little treats at

She lives, hikes and makes in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not dreaming of running a goat farm, you can find her in the foothills of Mt Rainier, soaking up inspiration from alpine meadows full of wildflowers.