When I saw the recent Ask CRAFT blog entry on cat scratched couches, I laughed my fool head off. At first, I was merely tickled that the ask-er and the ask-ee had such similar (golden/reddish, velour, 70s) furniture, and of course, that their kitties shared a forbidden love affair with those retro furniture pieces. That made me giggle. But when I looked around me and realized that I, too, suffered from the exact same predicament, I really lost it.

Check out the Craftzine post, and then take a look at this:


Meet Pandora, my chief couch destroyer. Her partner in crime, Luna, can be seen in the couch photo and is now running around here somewhere– likely working on the destruction of a piece of furniture in another part of the house! As you can see, my poor couch is completely beyond repair, but I don’t mind. After all, I picked it up used and cheap, and I love the kitties far more than I could ever love a piece of furniture. So, claw away, girls!